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Vehicle Signage

Vehicle signage can help you personalise any vehicle to meet your particular needs. Whether that be to advertise your business or to add a personal touch, Sunny Sign Up can help you meet your goals.

We have powerful design tools that allow you to create your own custom truck decals or signs in no time. If you would like to create your own magnetic truck letter design, you can do so using our online design tools and we will take care of the rest for you. Our magnetic sign printing service allows you to upload your own designs and create your own personalised magnetic signs. If you need help designing magnetic signage, our graphic designers can help you bring your ideas to life.

With Sunny Sign Up, you can turn your vehicles into a mobile billboard to advertise your business locally. Car and truck signage is one of the most accessible forms of advertising, especially for any service-oriented business. The bright and eye-catching designs that Sunny Sign Up can offer will provide your business many benefits. Your car’s graphics can be that guiding light which will lead a potential customer to your business – as turning your vehicle into a carousel ad will reach a wider audience than traditional stationary ads.

We understand the importance of brand awareness as a local business ourselves. Sunny Sign Up offers you a variety of ways to get your vehicle advertising for your business without blowing the budget. For example, with us, your business can easily save by not adding the unnecessary expense of driving out someone else to apply your vehicle signage when it has been made to be simple to apply by yourself.

See below descriptions for our range of vehicle signage to advise you on which option will fit your needs best.

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Vehicle Magnetics

Vehicle magnets are easy to add or remove and are a great option if you want to create a single branded look for multiple trucks, cars or vans. Sunny Sign Up magnetics come in a wide range of sizes to fit many different types of vehicles – even with the same company design.

A car or truck magnet with your logo on it is a great promotional tool that can be put on or taken off whenever you want without damaging the car’s paintwork. As signs do not lose their magnetism when removed from the vehicle, they can be reused time and time again. Affordable, wind-protected, and durable, custom car magnets are a great choice for when removing and transferring signage on personal or company vehicles might be necessary.

Custom magnets designs will include your company or brand logo and contact information to advertise your products or services. Thus, vehicle magnets are a great solution for mobile vehicle advertising to promote and grow your business. 

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oneway vision

One-Way Vision

One Way Vision is an innovative window graphic made from perforated self-adhesive vinyl. When One Way Vision is printed and applied to a window, the advertisement consists of various colours printed on the white vinyl side of the film. The effect is enhanced by the fact that the adhesive side of the film is black, so that people do not see the advertisement from the inside. This is because the human eye and brain will focus on the bright colours of the outside world projected through the holes.

To achieve the perfect advertisement for your brand and vehicle, Sunny Sign Up designers will work with you until you are happy with a preview of the product. One Way Vision graphics can be designed to include images that you send us and will be printed with a full colour spectrum. By capturing your brands’ identity in this full coloured design, you can attract your ideal customers’ attention by simply driving.

Advertise your products and services, promote your business, and encourage brand growth with One Way Vision.


Bumper Stickers

Our custom bumper stickers are perfect for promoting a business or supporting a candidate or political issue. Express yourself easily and creatively with our premium sticker printing service. 

You can choose from Sunny Sign Ups’ range of bumper stickers or contact us about a custom design where you can customize text, colors, images, and more. Whether it’s your company logo, company slogan or political candidate, bumper sticker printing allows you to reach people wherever you are. Our full color bumper stickers can be printed in a variety of sizes and quantities.

Although our inexpensive bumper stickers are made for cars, they are weather resistant and can stick to any smooth, hard surface. Printed on thick and durable vinyl, our car bumper stickers last long after the engine has died.

Spread the word and let others know about your cause or show off your family and their accomplishments with Sunny Sign Up bumper stickers.

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Car & Truck Signs

The most cost effective way to advertise is with vehicle signs. If you drive a vehicle for your business, you can reach even more customers by using car signage to promote your business. Advertising with your business logo on your car or truck is an inexpensive marketing strategy that can help you drive more leads and customers to your business. 

Applying signage on your car or truck is a simple but effective marketing tool that can attract the attention of your business at minimal cost. If you have any doubt about your advertising budget, car signage is your best and more affordable option. By using a branded car logo, you can make your business stand out without making a huge investment or risk.

Vehicle wrapping is a great custom way to advertise your business and get the most publicity possible for your brand. Car wrapping with vinyl film or one way vision is an incredibly effective and affordable way of advertising directly to your local customers. Whether you own a car or a fleet of vehicles, creating eye-catching graphics with your business slogan and logo is a great way to promote your brand.

When it comes to advertising your business there may be circumstances where you want to place a sign on a commercial vehicle, trailer, or other surface, but not permanently, and magnetic signs are the perfect solution. Designed to stick to a variety of metals, magnetic signs are one of the most affordable ways to advertise and allow you to promote your business in a variety of ways.

At Sunny Sign Up we offer many car and truck signage methods that you can use to promote your business. What we recommend particularly for businesses is vehicle magnetics and one way vision as we touched on above – but either way, take a look through our vehicles category to find the perfect option for you.

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